Mini Dinkie

Etheria release a Dinkie baby as an AddOn for the Dinkie kitty.

This Baby can be transformed to a mini Dinkie kitty avatar:

This Mini Dinkie Avatar can't be used with Mesh Clothing for "big" Dinkies.
BUT all BoM clothes and other stuff like tattoos for Dinkies will fit!

Get the: "Dinkie baby (animesh bento)" from: Tiny Inc.
Get the: "*CABS* DINKIE BABY AVATAR Starter Pack" from: *CABS* Store

and copy the content of both to your inventory.

Now follow the guide in the starter Pack from *CABS*

Here is the guide with some pictures and some additions:

1. Rez a copy of your  'Dinkie baby (animesh bento)'  from Tiny Inc.

2. Unlink the cube 

and delete the cube its not required anymore.

3. Rename the Mini Dinkie under the "General" Tab - so you can differ it and find it later

4. Disable the "Animated Mesh" feature under the "Features" Tab

5. Delete all content in the "Content" Tab

6. Add the script "BabyDinkieGoBoM_wo_EyeLids" (find it in the NC from *CABS*) to the content.
The script will do some magic and disappear.

Your Mini Dinkie should now look like this:

7. Change the alpha mode under the "Texture" Tab to none

8. Take your Mini Dinkie back to your inventory and move or copy it to the 
"*CABS* DINKIE BABY Starter Pack. REZ ME To UNPACK" folder 

9.  Some things are still missing 

Copy the skin and eyes from your "normal" Dinkie to the same folder 
and use "Replace current Outfit" with this folder
It should now look like this:

You will find the tail untextured. :-(

There are 3 ways to fix it.

1. You have still a folder or backup of the 1.8 Dinkie 

Then copy the universal layer for eyelids, tail and mouf:

to your Mini Dinkie folder and "add" it to your outfit. 
Done! Tail is textured now!

2. You use a 3rd Party Skin 

For example all BoM Skins from Suzu include a tail texture.
(and they all look great! thx to Suzu)

3. You buy the "Supertail" which includes BoM layers for all the furs.

Dinkies Kitty Supertail v1.4 BoM (boxed) can be bought separately @ Tiny Inc. or in Nofu's Store.

If you are an owner of an older version -> Get an update using the redelivery terminal @  Tiny Inc.

Just copy the right layer (for your fur) to the Mini Dinkie folder and "Add" it to your outfit!

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