Dinkie Beginner's Guide

Dinkies are little (about 2ft 10 inches) Second Life mesh avatars created by Etheria Parrott.

They come in 2 main flavors: Bunny & Kitty - with different furs. 
As all Dinkies are open minded there are no issues between different kind of furs :-)
Also"Biggies" (standrad human sized avatars in SL) are tolerated by them (mainly).
Dinkies are tolerant and don't do drama. Have fun.

Why should I buy a Dinkie?

Because Dinkies are cool, cute and look better than the most Biggies. 
Be proud of your belly -  be Smart & SWAG! - be a Dinkie


Most human animations, dances and gestures work well with a Dinkie.
Only furniture fitted for "Biggies" will have a height issue, which can be corrected by adjusting the height.
Special fitted animations, furniture and stuff are also available. 
See the Store List
Any fitting clothing has to be specially made to fit the Dinkie.
There is a lot of Mesh & BoM (BakeonMesh) clothing available for the Dinkie fashionistas.

See the Store List

Both can be mixed - the golden rule for both is: Add not Wear!!!

Accessoires (like hats, hair, necklaces, bracelets, glasses...) which are made for Biggies can be fitted, if they are mod or contain a resizer.

If you want to wear a mesh jacket you can be sure that any BoM shirt will fit under it. 
A mesh shirt may poke through. 

Body Mods

There are 3rdParty skins, eyes, ears and complete mods (be a fox) out there.

See the Store List


All Dinkies are mesh avatars starting from the first release.

Late 2020 Etheria release the BoM Dinke - Version 1.8. It was the first Dinkie able to use BoM layers and added multiple options (BoM clothing, tattoo, make-up...) to "tune" your Dinkie.

April 2021 the Bento Dinkie was released - Version 1.9. This Dinkie added the bento features (face and ears can be animated) and some other updates (new mouth included). 

This Dinkie is of course also BoM ready! 

Get started

First of all choose if you want to be a Kitty and/or a Bunny and which fur color you want to be.
All Dinkies are also available inworld: Tiny Inc.

After your purchase, rezz the box and copy the content to your inventory.

Find the folder and choose: "Replace current outfit":

It is important that you replace your outfit first. So it is clear that no old (human) stuff is worn anymore.

A 1.9 BoM & Bento Dinkie Cat "consists" of 

the basic elements (must be worn):
  • The Body (here called: Dinkie cat body v1.9 revX - the dinkie mesh)
  • The Dinkie Shape (here called: dinkie cat v1.9 shape)
  • The Fur / skin (here called: bengal fur BoM skin)
  • The Eyes (here called: bengal eyes BoM)
  • The Hair (dinkies hair - this hair is like the bold hairbase for human avatars -> you will not see it)
and the optional elements:
  • The Whiskers (Dinkies Whiskers - optional, but no whiskers -> no cat)
  • A BoM layer for the mouth (kitty BoM mouth - which textures the inside of your mouth)
  • The AO (Dinkies AO v1.9 - a basic AO - you can instead also use the most "human" AOs)
  • The Tail (dinkies bengal bento tail - this is only a basic tail and it is not BoM ready)


The Super Kitty Tail can be bought separately @ Tiny Inc. or in Nofu's Store.
The supertail can be animated and is Bento & BoM.
Most of the current 3rd party skins and the Bento Dinkie Animator HUD will only work with the supertail.
If you choose to use the super tail you can replace the dinkies bengal bento tail with it.
Don't wear both :-)

So the journey continues

How about a cool jeans? a romantic dress? some jewelery?
new skin? other eyes? blush? freckles? lashes? hair? SHOESSS....

See the Store List or  do it yourself.

A new world is waiting!

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