BoM & Bento


Bento is about the bones of your Dinkie avatar. Something you will not see from the outside.
With the Bento project Linden added more bones to the avatar skeleton.

So what is Bento good for, then? 

New bones in your Dinkie avatar offer new options to animate your Dinkie avatar. 
With Bento it will become much more lively. 
Think of a realistic moving tail, twitching ears and even facial expressions on your Dinkie Avatar. 

The first Bento Dinkie is version 1.9.


Bake on Mesh or just BoM is a new feature Linden has introduced some months ago.
It principally goes back to the times of system layers long before we got into sculpties and mesh.

BoM lets you wear up to 60 layers all over your body. 
Think of having individual skins, realistic looking tattoos all over your body - or even individual faces. 
You can now use several make-up layers and create your own unique beauty look from blush, freckles, beauty marks, eye shadows, subtle or bold eye brows, sparkles, glitter and much more. 
You can wear *Mood Stickers* or Fantasy Face Paints or cool Face Tattoos- not to talk about clothing layers, like undies, tights, shirts and more.

BoM clothing go under every mesh. You can now wear layered clothes - like a BoM T-shirt under your favorite Mesh Sweater or Cardigan.

Also the way the Dinkie is textured was changed with BoM. NON BoM Dinkies have a fixed texture on the Dinkie Mesh. With BoM the fur of your Dinkie is a skin layer:

So the look of your Dinkie can easily be changed just by switching to another skin. 

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING with BoM is to Add layers instead of wearing them.

If you use wear you will mess up your look and will have to start again from the scratch.
Also alternate skins

or eyes 

can just be "Add"ed. 
Only one type of these Second Life Avatar basics can be worn at the same time but if you add a new skin or eyes layer the old one will just be taken off automatically. 

Other BoM layers like clothing, tattoos and so on will be added to the ones you already wear.


So what will you need to remeber with using BoM? Add, yes!

To unwear a BOM layer you just right-click on this item in your inventory and chose *TAKE OFF*

Here are some hints for using BoM:

1. Just Add and Take Off BOM layers - no mess, no issues!  Just right-click your BoM stuff to do so. 
2. You can wear up to 60 BoM Layers at a time! Keep in mind: The combination makes the look - sometimes less is really more ;)
3. BoM layers stack upon each other in the order you add them! 

You can make different looks just by changing the order, e.g. if you add your top before the pants - you will wear your top IN your pants. 
Try it the other way around and add the pants before you add your top and you are wearing your top over your pants now. 
So what about undies? If you get completely dressed with BoM and add your panties last - well, yes -> you have created a perfect Austin Powers Look (for a bad taste party ;)

How to fix this? Just wear your undies first, like you would do in real live too, then add socks, then pants, tops and your accessories - like a belt - at last.

4. You can also change the "order" of the BoM layers with the "edit outfit" option.
  • Right click your avatar, click Appearance and then click edit outfit.
  • You will see the layers you are wearing and the order. 
  • Top (highest layer) to bottom (lowest layer).
  • The arrows on the right (hover over the layers to see them) will allow you to change the order easily.
  • Once done - just leave the window (x) and your ava will refresh and show you your new look.

BoM was introduced with version 1.8 of the Dinkie. So of course also version 1.9 is BoM ready!

! Only the tail which comes with 1.9 Dinkie is not BoM ready. !

The Super Kitty Tail can be bought separately @ Tiny Inc. or in Nofu's Store.
The supertail can be animated and is Bento & BoM.

Most of the current 3rd party skins and the Bento Dinkie Animator HUD will only work with the supertail. If you choose to use the supertail you can replace the dinkies bento tail with it.
Don't wear both :-)

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